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As a final year student of Parade’s final year class of 2015, Bharatha Gangasani is amongst the latest crop of Old Paradians now following their dreams in the wider community.

A budding economist to be sure, Bharatha also has a knack for film making – which is why his cinematic offering as part of Year 12 media studies has been named amongst the top 13 short films to be showcased as part of the Top Screen program.

Shot in Term Two last year, Bharatha’s thriller “Rahasya” (in which he plays the character of the doctor) was amongst those cherry-picked from more than 300 entries for the program, as part of the VCAA’s Season of Excellence. As Bharatha’s Media Teacher Tim Jacobs noted, “It (the program) is very prestigious and opens many doors for the film makers . . . this is a proud moment for Bharatha and for Parade”.

The film, whose production involved the collective input of a number of Year 12 students including Prince Kanishk Nediyedath, contains English subtitles as the dialogue is in keeping with the Telugu language of Bharatha’s native Hyderabad – the place from which him and his older brother Raja left with their parents for Australia back in 2002.

Before the summer holidays, Mr Jacobs recommended that the class view some films to get some ideas for our own productions . . . I started watching a lot of films and came up with a story that was a bit like ‘Fight Club’ where the character, in the end, developed a split personality,” Bharatha said.

“That’s where I came up with the idea in the film for a character with a split personality who’s interrogated. But Mr Jacobs thought the character was too close to the one in Fight Club and suggested a different twist, so I went home and changed the script accordingly – and Mr Jacobs thought that was more original.”

For Bharatha, the whole process of film-making did little to stem his obvious passion for film generally – and is why he is now working on the script for his next short.

“I love film. If anything I probably watch too much film. I watch some English films, but I tend to watch Bollywood films and some of them are really amazing,” he said.

Bharatha is now pursuing his studies in commerce and economics at Monash University, while Raja is embarking on his second year of a commerce/law double degree at La Trobe.

Given that their parents made the quantum leap to enable their boys to gain a greater education, Bharatha and Raja could not speak more highly of the opportunity afforded them by their old school.

As Bharatha said: “Parade has been amazing to me and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. The College has been so supportive of me through the previous six years.”

To view “Rahasya”, go to <a href=““blank”>

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