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London calling! OPs’ first global chapter meets

The Prospect of Whitby Public House, an old time pub whose origins can be sourced to the 16th century Elizabethan era, recently served as the backdrop for an historic inaugural gathering of members of the Old Paradians’ Association’s London chapter.

A healthy quota of ex-patriate Australians in the Old Dart, all bound by their precious links with the old school tie, recently convened at the Prospect. They were called to order by Peter Wilson, a final year student of the class of 1978, who took it upon himself to round up a select band of scoundrels to exchange anecdotes of Alphington and Bundoora over more than the occasional warm pint.

On hand were the following OPs, pictured here from left to right - Martin Coyle (1990), Damian Wilson (College Captain 1982), Christopher Ecclestone (1978), Brayden Geary (College Captain 2004), Jonathan Cicutto (2004) Brendan O’Leary (1980), Craig Sandford (1985) and Mr Wilson, with Mick Reid (1981) working the video camera for this historic gathering.

An edited version was screened to much fanfare at the Old Paradians’ Association’s Centenary Dinner at RACV City Club Melbourne last Friday evening and the full version will hopefully screen here in the not too distant future.

“Old Paradians are not bound to the past and present campuses of East Melbourne, Alphington, Bundoora and Preston. Paradians are located domestically, nationally and internationally,” OPA President Lewis Derrico told the gathering at the RACV Club.

“The future surely has to embrace the Purple Green and Blue wherever it is located.

“Our first Old Paradian chapter has been established in London, and recently gathered for the first time at the Prospect of Whitby hotel. To the boys’ credit, they prepared this little message, which they asked be screened in the house tonight.”

The Association has established contacts in such international locales as Hong Kong, Rome and Singapore. Email addresses for each of these contacts can be found by way of the OPA’s free mobile phone app.

Those Old Paradians heading to London are urged to contact Peter Wilson, either via #oldparadiansinlondon or

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