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Presidents partner for frontline conservation

Pictured recently with former US President Bill Clinton was Sean Willmore (1990) - surely the best networker of any Old Paradian out of the Bundoora campus.

A global champion for frontline conservation, Sean, as President of the International Ranger Federation and founder of The Thin Green Line Foundation, met President Clinton “to highlight the critical work being done by our Rangers on the frontline of conservation around the world”.

“It’s important that the rangers sacrifice, struggle and success is heard at the highest levels, so they too can be spokes-people for rangers and conservation. We spoke of the current poaching situation and the need to get more support to rangers the world over,” said Sean through the foundation.

“I also presented President Clinton with one of our snare wire bracelets, as a symbol of the 180 degree change needed. The snare wire is removed by rangers from a park in Zambia, before it could trap an animal, then given to the local ladies who turn it into amazing jewellery, and the profits are shared 50/50 with the anti-poaching work and the ladies.

“He agreed it was the perfect symbol of why we were gathered at Clinton Global Initiative. I took it off my wrist and placed it on his – ‘a perfect fit’ he said, then ‘let’s get some support for those rangers’. We shook hands once more and then he shook everyone else’s hand wearing that bracelet.

Sean added that whilst he was unaware of what might come of this initiative, “I do know that we have to take every opportunity, and do everything in our power to gather more allies to protect nature and its protectors, the rangers”.

“A heartfelt thank you to all of you who do make the effort and sacrifice to support us - please spread the word so we can do even more,” Sean said.

If you’re interested in supporting Sean’s cause, bracelets can be ordered via

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