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Former presidents, players and officials of the Old Paradians turned out at the Garvey Oval last Saturday, as the football club’s hard-earned 2015 Premiership pennant – its first senior pennant in almost 30 years – was unfurled in the shadows of the Frank Mount Social Room.

Players of both the Old Paradians and Penleigh Essendon Grammar teams lined up for the ceremony, after President Mike Jolley addressed more than 100 people in attendance at a past players’ luncheon.

Amongst those in attendance was Parade College Principal Dr Denis Moore and Old Paradians’ Association President Lewis Derrico. Former Presidents of the football club Maurie Considine and Keith Sharkie were also there, as were feted former players including Sam Assetta, Frank Gleeson, Brian Grills, Chris Hughes and John Tudor, together with the club’s games record holder Peter Brabender.

Pat Mount, whose late father’s name graces the room overlooking the Garvey, was also there.

Mike Jolley commended Parade College for its substantial support of the football club and confirmed that improvements to the Mount facility would soon commence – specifically the relocation of the bar, installation of new toilets and inclusion of an elevated timekeepers’ box.

“Work will begin shortly and should be completed by the end of the footy season, if not before,” Mike said.

Mike also acknowledged the efforts of Old Paradian Dale McCann, who had managed to increase the football club’s sponsorship portfolio from eight to 26, and he called on the rank and file to follow suit by committing to 2016 club memberships.

“We really need to get behind these boys – they don’t get paid, so the only thing we can do for them is to provide good facilities, good trainers and good equipment,” he said. “That’s what we’re endeavouring to do, but it all costs money.”

Senior Coach David Boundy also addressed the gathering, providing a rundown of the pre-season campaign and the way forward for the team.

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