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Welcomed to Parade’s Term 1 Assembly at Bundoora Campus recently were 13 final year students of 2016 who had each recorded an ATAR score of 95 or higher.

Amongst them was College Dux Joel Perera (with a score of 99.5), who was recently honoured by the Sri Lankan Consulate as one of Sri Lanka’s top ten students in Victoria.

Joel took the opportunity to thank his teachers, fellow members of Lynch House, members of his family and, in particular, his schoolfriends.

“One thing I will always miss from this College are the friendships. The sense of brotherhood here is quite special. It’s often hard to find elsewhere,” Joel said.

“Hold on to it - and, see your fellow students not as competitors or enemies, but as brothers who inspire you on your path in life.”

Joel was amongst the high achievers called to the stage by Acting Assistant Principal – Teaching and Learning Geoff Caulfield – and presented with their certificates. In calling each former student, Geoff said: “We celebrate with these talented individuals in recognition of all those students who strived to achieve their very best”.

“We also acknowledge that some of the boys of whom we’re most proud didn’t necessarily achieve the highest ATAR scores but gained scores that far exceeded expectations,” Geoff said. “So in celebrating these high achievers today we extol everybody’s personal best.”

Joel, proudly sporting his Old Paradians tie, addressed almost 1900 students, together with parents, teachers and staff members, who had gathered in The Great Hall.

He is now undertaking a double degree in a Bachelor of Engineering and Commerce at Monash University.

A brief video clip of Joel Perera’s address, courtesy Parade College Archivist Rodney Prusa, appears on the Old Paradians’ Association’s facebook page.

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