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Lease Express - operating on key core vales

Lou Viola is charged with the enormous responsibility of overseeing the national business development operations of Lease Express. The company is headed up by the Moore brothers John and Peter of the class of 1954 who, like Lou, are Old Paradians - as is the organisation’s Glen Prendergast, a final year student of the class of 1999.

For Lou, who completed his schooling at the College some 40 years ago next year, that’s a beautiful accident. As he said: “There’s a great Parade network here, but it is just a fluke”.

“I’ve known John Moore for close to 30 years through his younger brother Ron who attended Parade in Alphington,” Lou said. “Ron and I worked together, we were work colleagues, and through him I got to know John.

A Thornbury boy who grew up on Gooch Street, Lou first attended St Thomas’s Clifton Hill, then followed his older brother Frank to Parade for Years 11 and 12.

As he recalled: “My Dad ended up owning a small supermarket off Grimshaw Street and my brother and I gravitated towards that area nearing the end of our school education”.

Beyond the College, Lou’s career path took him into frenetic world of finance. He established the asset financial arm of National Mutual (later ME Bank) in the late 1990s and after 17 years with the organisation joined Lease Express – but not before ME Bank had entered into an unprecedented novated leasing joint venture with the organisation as supplier – primarily because, as Lou explained, “Lease Express shared our values of transparency and honesty”.

For the record, a novated lease is a type of motor vehicle lease that allows an employee to lease a motor vehicle, but during the term of lease and employment the employer meets the obligation. The responsibility for the lease lies with the employee and the lease payments being made from the employee’s pre-tax income.

Thesedays Lou, in his capacity with Lease Express, oversees all novated leasing and fleet management for Australian Super, Cbus, Hesta and other industry super funds as well as many private companies.

Not surprisingly, this is an area of which he is truly passionate.

“More and more businesses are identifying the advantages of offering novated leasing to all their staff, not just management,” Lou said. “Allowing your staff to finance a new vehicle GST free and at national fleet price while taking advantage of the tax benefits also improves staff retention.”

“Unfortunately a lot of people who have had this product have suffered extremely bad experiences because of the organisations they have dealt with.

“We’re competing with people who pull all sorts of tricks, and unfortunately many take those people on face value.

“But the one thing that rings true with this organisation is that the two directors John and Peter Moore are quality people – and if they do something it’s all about being honest.

“I’m very lucky that I work with these people because they care about people – that is why we try to steer people the right way.”

It is here that Lou can see College overlap in the Moore brothers’ core business.

“At Parade we were taught to be honest, hardworking and supportive and these same values hold true to Lease Express. Our novated lease offering is competitive and transparent,” said Lou, who was also quick to identify Lease Express’s key pillars of honesty, hard work and support.

“We pass on all discounts to the driver and do not promote unnecessary add-ons like tyre and rim protection, gap cover and redundancy insurance,” Lou said.

“We know that none of our competitors can provide a quote as quickly as Lease Express. We usually have the employee in their new car while our competitors are still preparing their offering.

“And we also support and guide our customers to choose the right vehicle and select the right term and residual value.”

If you want to know more about novated leasing and how it can benefit your business, contact Lease Express on 1300 36 36 30 or ring Lou direct on 03 680 4840.

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