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Here’s Luke Lobello (2005), the Old Paradians’ Association’s 1000th member of its ever-growing LinkedIn page.

Now a Secondary Mathematics and Physics Teacher at Carey Baptist Grammar School, Luke was presented with an association centenary tie and matching cufflinks, and a bottle of most agreeable 2012 Shiraz, courtesy OP and winemaker Andrew Pieri (1996) of Pieri Wines, McLarenvale.

Luke said that when he discovered the association’s LinkedIn presence recently, there was never any doubt.

“I just wanted to reconnect, especially after coming here to Carey and seeing the terrific similarities with Parade,” Luke said.

“I wanted to keep in contact with Parade, as a reminder of what the teachers of Parade taught me. John Nicholls and Ivan Kummerle were two great influences.

“As a student I always looked at John and Mr Kummerle and thought that if I was ever to be a teacher those were the two guys I’d most like to be like. Now, when I teach physics I think of how Mr. Kummerle taught me and of how John how John used to treat his students. Even though we were 13 or 14, maybe 15 or 16, we were still made to feel that we were important and our opinions mattered – and that’s how I want to make my students feel now.”

Luke believed that connecting with LinkedIn enabled him to keep in the loop with what other Old Paradians were pursuing career-wise. He urged all Old Paradians to connect with the association’s LinkedIn and Facebook pages and encouraged those who were already members to encourage other OPs to follow suit.

Established with the support of Daniel Spitty (2002), the Old Paradians’ Association’s LinkedIn page has been existence for the past five years and has steadily grown in size and stature – with the assistance of committeeman and alumni officer Phil Carter (1968).

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