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When Dr Paul Power “retired” from full-time work with Hay Group several years ago, he had it in mind to pen a book about emotional intelligence.

“I had, over more than a decade, been involved with Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis and others in developing assessment tools to measure the extent to which people demonstrated the characteristics related to emotional and social intelligence,” said Paul, a final year student of Parade College in 1957.

“I started to develop the idea and worked on it for a couple of years. My intention was to produce something that contained sufficient scholarly information about EI to create an aura of seriousness, but also to make it practical and useful to people who might not have the academic background to grapple with the theory and the conceptual framework of EI.”

Having taken on the project for two years, and submitting the hard copy to publishers who were not overly enthused, Paul put the book on the back-burner as he dedicated more of his time and energy to the Sunflower Foundation – a small Australian-based charity co-founded with his wife Dr Kim Power, which supports the education of girls and young women in developing countries.

“(Then) a year or more ago, I met up with my former colleague at the University of Melbourne, Glenda May, who had started a few years ago publishing a series of little pocket books in the 52 Ways series,” Paul said.

“It soon became obvious that what I had been doing would fit nicely into this format, so we worked together to create the new book: ‘52 Ways to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence’.”

“The book is deliberately small in size, so people can carry it in a pocket or handbag and refer to it often. It follows the theoretical and conceptual model developed by Goleman and Boyatzis, which construes emotional intelligence as a cluster of competencies which manifest themselves in four interrelated areas – self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management. Self-awareness is the lynchpin undergirding both self-management and social awareness, and both of those help to ensure the capacity to manage relationships with others.”

Paul said that his and Glenda’s motivation for producing the book in this format was a perceived need.

“Many people have read about emotional intelligence, or have participated in an EI workshop, and have reached an intellectual understanding of the concept, but the majority of these people do not know what to do next to turn that understanding into action,” Paul said.
“The book offers one approach to meeting this need. Each of the 52 ‘Ways’ includes a salient quotation to alert readers to the matter under consideration, then asks a number of questions to stimulate thinking and reflection, and finally offers a variety of tips and hints to what the reader might do to improve and enhance their capacity in this particular aspect of EI.

“It can be used therefore as a useful tool to help develop skill in this area – either by reading it through, dipping in to a different section from time to time, reading one section per week (and thinking through the questions and trying out the suggested actions), or carrying it with you and using it as a regular reference. The possibilities are many.”

Though Paul’s book was released barely a week ago, it has already made an impact.

“People who have bought it have already declared that the quotations have really made them think and ponder their own approach to aspects of their lives; that the questions have stimulated their thinking and made them re-think the way they are doing things; and the hints and tips are practical and helpful in pointing the direction to improvement,” he said.

“52 Ways To Boost Your Emotional Intelligence”, by Paul Power and Glenda May, is available at

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