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With its ever-growing online presences on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, the Old Paradians’ Association continues to broaden its global reach, building connections with former students of the College whether in the United Kingdom, United States or, in the case of Parade’s 2015 Vice-Captain Joshua Su, Singapore.

Joshua has since returned to his native country to complete his mandatory military service. But he truly holds Parade and the Old Paradians close to his heart as an email (recently forwarded to OPA Central with his military photograph) attests.  

In the email, Joshua offers a kind word or three to his former teachers Janette Berglez, Monique Carter, Anthony Cicutto, John Cornish, Terri Crisafi, Anne Dalmau, James Donald, Adam Hanna, Ivan Kummerle, Russell McKenzie and David Moore.

In his message to “Mr McKenzie”, Joshua writes: “They didn’t have geometric shapes as the camo for the Army uniform so I had to settle for this. Hope you are well and good Sir, take care of yourself and the students :) Regards, RECRUIT Joshua Su”.

And in another, to the Old Paradians’ Association’s secretary Mirella Busso-Lee, he asks: “I forgot to bring the Parade 100 year T-shirts to Singapore with me. Can you send 2 XLs over for me please?? Hope you are well and happy! Regards, RECRUIT Joshua Su”.

Joshua’s message to the Old Paradians’ Association is as follows;

“It’s Joshua Su - School Vice-Captain from last year. How are you doing?
Apologies for my late e-mail but I have been moving houses in Singapore and was unable to send my army photos to you any sooner.
I hope you and the Parade community is well; do update me and let me know how things are going over in Australia.
You can find attached to this e-mail a photo of me after my first book out from the army (book out meaning the army lets us go back to our homes for the weekend and then we’ll book back in during the weekdays - something like a boarding school!).
If it is not too much trouble, could you please send this photo to the following teachers (and whoever you might think would like to see the photo) along with the following quotes I have for them INDIVIDUALLY as I do not have their Parade e-mails anymore. And also please tell them to feel free to contact me anytime if they wanted to talk to me and see how I'm going :)
If there are any questions you want to ask me, by all means! I look forward to hearing from you Sir and hopefully you can get this photo and my messages to the respective teachers!
Take care and best wishes from Parade’s very own ‘RECRUIT’, Joshua Su”.

If you are an Old Paradian like Joshua, who is based in an overseas locale for the medium to long-term and would like to represent the Old Paradians’ Association as its point of call in your region, please contact us - we’d love to hear from you.

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