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The following is an urgent message from Mrs Anne-Marie Morello, Parade’s Community Action Convenor;


“Parade College has a long standing history of support, assistance and care for people in the local community. One of our community initiatives is Eddy’s Brekky Van which, proudly, is in its eleventh year of operation.

Those in the Brekkie Van volunteer team roll up their sleeves every Tuesday morning during term time to cook breakfast for members of the local West Heidelberg/Olympic Village community who may otherwise go without.

This ambitious Brekky Van idea was borne out of an acute sense of social justice by the 2005 College Captain Paul Daly; and is one of Parade’s most popular Community Action initiatives. The early Tuesday team consists of volunteer students, staff and Old Paradians who leave Parade College in a mini-van laden with donated breakfast goodies – bacon, eggs, sausages, bread, tea, coffee and milo.

The Olympic Village Park, next to the local primary school in West Heidelberg, was chosen as an appropriate location from which the van could operate, attracting children on the way to school, together with parents and nearby residents who are warmly welcomed to a breakfast of bacon and eggs cooking on the BBQ and other donated treats from 7.15am onwards.

To ensure its continued success, we are looking for local businesses such as yours who might be willing to enter into a partnership with us in this important and valuable program.

In particular we would greatly appreciate assistance with the following:


• Donations of food items such as sausages, bacon, eggs, tetra juice packs, cheese, muesli bars

• Fruit such as bananas and apples

• Cleaning products such as sponges, disinfectant spray,


All partners are gratefully acknowledged in our advertising, school website and College newsletter.

If you feel this is something your organisation would like to be associated with we would welcome your assistance.

Please contact me on 9468 3300 or via email


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