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A treasure trove of photographs, records, certificates and clippings relating to the Old Paradians’ Association and its football and cricket clubs, has been handed over to the association.

The Considine family has kindly made the collection available to the association for safekeeping in Parade College’s archive. The handover was completed by the Considine brothers Paul, Matt and Brendon – all former players with the football club – whose father and club stalwart Maurie received the items following the death of long-serving doorman, timekeeper and clubman Stanislaus (“Stan”) Kenny.

Stan had accumulated the material over more than a quarter of a century. On his death, his collection was handed to Maurie, who kept it in storage for safekeeping in the family’s Secon Freight Logisitics head office in Altona.

Items contained in The Kenny Collection include:

  • editions of the Old Paradian association newsletters 1981-’84;
  • a copy of the Old Paradians’ Association Cricket Club’s constitution and rules adopted at the first Interim committee Meeting of March 21, 1973;
  • handwritten records from the OPACC’s inaugural season of 1973/74 through to 1982/’83;
  • Rules of Competition and Fixtures booklets for the Victorian Junior Cricket Association in which the Old Paradians competed, 1973/’74-1982/’83;
  • a photograph of the cricket club’s North B Premiership team of 1981/’82;
  • framed photographs of the football club’s Premiership teams of 1967 and ’68 (A Section) and 1971 (B Section);
  • assorted newspaper clippings from The Sporting Globe, The Herald and The Advocate relating to the football club’s Premiership successes of the 1960s;
  • assorted framed photographs of VAFA representative teams, 1976-’82:
  • copies of The Amateur Footballer through a 25-year period dating back to September 1963;
  • copies of the football club’s annual reports through the stellar A Section Premiership seasons of 1962, ’63, ’64, ’66, ’67 and ’68;
  • copies of the football club journal Purple and Green (price 5 cents), dating back to 1968; and
  • multiple copies dating back to the early 1980s of the highly-respected football club journal Shags’ Rag;

Also included in the collection is a letter signed by Old Paradians’ Association President Rene Stella congratulating Kenny on being awarded a trophy for the football club’s Best Clubman for 1969.

Perhaps the most touching item is a letter penned by Kenny to Mr Owen Paton of the Commercial Club Hotel Wangaratta, respectfully seeking costs to accommodate 25 Old Paradians footballers at the premises over the first weekend of October 1969.

In the letter, Stan signs off with the words: “Wishing your wife, family and yourself God’s blessings, every success and happiness, and good health – and wishing Wangaratta Football Club every success . . . ”.

All items in The Kenny Collection will eventually be digitised for future usage in various applications. Anyone who may have items of interest in respect to Parade, the Old Paradians’ Association and its member sporting clubs are welcome to contact Tony De Bolfo on 9468 3301 or Tony.DeBolfo@parade.vic.edu.au