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The Old Paradians' Association seeks to foster links with all past students, whose formative years were shaped by the Christian Brothers of Parade College.

Formally established in 1914, the Association’s inaugural 13-man committee included the President James Kennedy (who completed his Matriculation class at Parade in 1890), Reverend Brother JM Dwyer and the Rush brothers Robert and William, all of whom maintained a continuing interest in the Association for the rest of their lives.

Today, the Association continues to foster alumni interest and goodwill by encouraging intellectual and emotional ties between Association members and their College – as a means of upholding the traditions in keeping with Parade’s famous tenet.

The Association also actively pursues its many and varied sporting and cultural interests, and seeks to work with the College’s Careers & Guidance Counsellor in assisting students and former students of the College with their professions. The Old Paradians Association is an organisation within CBC Parade College that aims to bring together alumni of the College and encourage and coordinate their support for the College.

The Old Paradians’ Association’s objectives are to;

  • create opportunity to promote unity and good fellowship amongst Old Paradians and the Parade College community; 
  • promote and support the interests of the College community and associated bodies; 
  • act as an available resource to the College community, its students and Old Paradians; 
  • create opportunities within the College community to foster social and economic connection amongst Old Paradians; and 
  • further the aims of the Founder of the Congregation of Christian Brothers, Edmund Ignatius Rice
  • Parade College is a member of the national body of Catholic schools known as Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA). Parade College, in common with these schools, takes its inspiration from Br Edmund Rice, founder of the Christian Brothers. The values of the College are enshrined in the Charter for Edmund Rice Schools, and in the College Mission Statement.
  • The President of the Old Paradians’ Association is supported by an executive of two Vice-Presidents, Treasurer and Secretary, and a Committee of nine.

    The current Committee consists of five members of Parade College and nine members of Parade College’s alumni community.

  • In 2010, the Old Paradians' Association Committee, in its wisdom, saw fit to found an Old Paradians Hall of Fame. The committee’s rationale was that a Hall of Fame would help perpetuate the memory of the people who brought honour to Parade College and who by their contributions to society serve as authentic role models for present and future generations of the Parade community.

    To assist with the process of induction, members of the committee saw the counsel of Parade's 1944 Head Prefect Bill Dunne, who since commencing his schooling at the Old Bluestone Pile, committed his boundless energies to the cause of Parade and the Old Paradians' Association for more than 70 years.

  • Through the turning of two centuries, Old Paradians have proudly served their nation in conflict – from the Boer War, the First and Second World Wars, Korea, Malaya and Vietnam through to the Gulf Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and the on-going peacekeeping missions around the globe.
  • Since the early years of the 20th century, not long before young men formerly schooled at the College answered the call for King and country, The Paradian has trumpeted the happenings of the Parade community. Though editions were never published through the Depression years, The Paradian has served and continues to serve as a glorious record of College life.