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The President of the Old Paradians Association is supported by a Vice-President and Committee of 14.

The Committee consists of three members of Parade College and 13 members of Parade College’s alumni community.

The Chief Executive Officer is employed by the College to oversee the work of the Association and to act as Alumni Officer. The President, Vice-President and Treasurer are elected by the Committee from amongst their number.

The Committee is responsible for directing the business of the Old Paradians Association and for providing advice and support to the Chief Executive Officer.

The Old Paradians Association Committee currently comprises:

  • Mr Paul Shannon


  • Mr John Abrahams

    Vice President

  • Mr Andy Walsh

    Vice President

  • Mr Tony De Bolfo

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Mr Angelo Mazzone


  • Mr Mark Aiello

    Assistant Principal - Organisation, Parade College

  • Mr Jean-Luc Dal Pra

    Committee Member

  • Mr John Dinan

    Committee Member

  • Mr Michael Donato

    Committee Member

  • Mr Paul Evans

    Committee Member

  • Mr Paul Hume

    Committee Member

  • Dr. Denis Moore

    Principal, Parade College

  • Mr Steve Nailer

    Committee Member

  • Mr John Nicholls

    Parade VET & VCAL Co-ordinator, Secretary

  • Mr John Ramsdale

    Committee Member

Office Bearers