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Stephen Valeri, a final year Parade College student of 2007, recently returned to Melbourne after getting the call-up for the role of Roger in a series of Sydney shows in the touring production of Grease - The Arena Experience.

Despite the short notice, Valeri well and truly met the brief in shows staged at Qudos Bank Arena at Sydney Olympic Park through January.

“As the show has toured for a little while, myself and another guy were the only two new cast members, so it was a little stressful,” Stephen said. “We pretty much learned the show in a week, but it was great fun.

“I don’t know the exact numbers, but I know that on the last night we performed to about five and a half thousand people at Homebush, which was pretty cool. That’s the biggest audience I’ve performed in front of before. It’s probably the biggest thing I’ve done and I guess it’s another rung on the ladder.”

As the production company is Brisbane-based, Stephen originally caught a flight to Brisbane for the audition. As he said: “I got through a couple of rounds and didn’t land the role the first time around, but a few months later in Melbourne they were holding dance auditions for ensemble members”.

“I ended up going and they pushed me through. I participated in a pretty tough dance audition, but I don’t think landing the role had anything to do with the way that I danced.”