1905 - 1972

Brother Naughtin perhaps put it best in his tome The Parade Story when he wrote of Lou Arthur: “The name of Lou Arthur will occur frequently in this story, for he was at the heart of all activities supportive of Parade from the mid-twenties till his death in 1972. There are those who would rightly argue that Lou (as he was known to his intimates) never really became an Old Paradian. For he never really left Parade”.

A final year student of the College in 1922, Lou Arthur served as the long-term secretary and President of the Old Paradians' Association. In 1929 he founded the Old Paradians Amateur Football Club, serving as its inaugural secretary and, later, for two terms as President.

A President of the Victorian Employers Federation, Lou was also President and secretary of the Victorian Road Transport Association.

Peer Year 1922
Inducted 2010