1955 -

Michael Drapac metaphorically wore “concrete boots” as a young boy – such was the struggle in his household to make ends meet.

Michael’s mother raised her three sons alone, ensuring they each received the best possible education by enrolling them at Parade. His two brothers, both exceptional sportsmen, earned scholarships, and through his mother’s negotiation he was also accepted - even though he didn’t seem to excel at either sport or study at the time.

Michael completed his schooling at Parade's Bundoora Campus in 1973. By 2006, he was the biggest land owner in Melbourne. Three years later, his Drapac Property Group delivered the highest-rated green building in Australia, the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) in the city.

Michael’s work earned international recognition for his sustainability focus, and he was also the first signatory to the United Nation’s Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI). His generous vision, guidance and financial support for areas such as empowerment of voice, attests to the lived practice of his theory of true success - goodness of heart and strength of spirit.

Peer Year 1973
Inducted 2021