The final year classes of 1990, 1991 and 1992 gathered at the Old England Hotel on Friday February 25 to celebrate their 32, 31 and 30-year reunions respectively.

More than 70 Old Collegians and teachers gathered including College Captain 1990 Justin Kerr and 1st XV111 Captain of that year and current College Vice Principal Mark Aiello, 1991 College SRC members Robert Maoirana, Nicholas Crump, Stuart Northey and Barry Byrne. 1992 was represented among others by SRC member and 1st X111 Captain Jason McBean. Ivan Kummerle, Jim Seymour and John Nicholls were representatives of the College staff at the time. When announced that staff member and Year 12 Coordinator at the time of the boy’s final year, John Joss, was an apology spending the weekend at the Dederang Picnic Race meeting and Cup a roar of laughter came from the room!

After a series of postponements, the reunions of 1990 and 1991 finally got to the line to join the 92 group in what was a very enjoyable evening of reminisces, laughs and valuable catch-up time. Combining the event had some spin off benefits as several the boys played in sporting teams together over their final 2 years.

We were able to remember those men from the years that had passed away. From 1990, Ben Brodie, Luca De Fazio, Matthew Dunn, Jason Ferrazza, David Griffiths and Daniel Marciano. From 1991, Jamie Andrews and Anthony Brignall. From 1992, Benjamin Baird, Brent Hird, Michael Robertson, Matthew Walls and Christopher Were. It was commented on the evening how respectful the group were in a minute’s silence and that our struggles of the last couple of years are miniscule to the loss these boy’s family would have experienced and still do.

We also remembered teachers that had an impact on the lives of the boys in varying ways who have passed away. Dr John O’Connor, Kath O’Connor, Paul Crowe, Michael Henry, Bernie Donoghue and Anthony Clarkson

Justin Kerr, Nicholas Crump and Jason McBean reflected positively on their time at the College. What came through were the strong values that the school was able to build in them and the enduring friendships that were forged. There was an overwhelming theme of gratitude that they were able to get to wonderful school which was able get them on their way in post school life. Hugely diverse paths in a variety professions and occupations had been taken by those in the room.

The get together went well into the night. There was genuine appreciation for the Old Paradians' Association for facilitating the event and look forward to further opportunities to gather.

John Nicholls