Around 50 Old Paradians from the 1973 peer year gathered at the Clifton Hill Brewpub on Friday March 24. 

The organising group comprising Greg Cain (College Captain 1973), Tony Bowlen, Neil O’Shannassy, Peter Johnston, Phillip Ryan and the late Lewis Derrico spent a good part of 6 months organising the event and tracking down classmates and getting details out. The Old Paradians' Association was able to assist in a small way in supporting the organising group in any way we could.

The success of the night was a reflection of the effort put in by this organising group. It confirms the importance of Year Level Champions to locate and engage with former classmates and drive the event. The 1973 organising group need to be congratulated and thanked for their efforts.

Greg Cain welcomed guests and informed them that the night was not to have much formality. It’s main objective was to connect with old class mates and reminisce. Greg read out some apologies including teacher John Joss who is travelling in Vietnam with family. Greg also acknowledged Br Laurie Collins, a staff member in 1973 and former Principal of Parade (1983-1988) who was in attendance. The group respectfully had a minute’s silence for classmates who have passed away. Peter Boyle, Paul Crowe, Lewis Derrico. Peter Lynch, Gavan O’Connell, Ronald Pasierbek, Terrence Scott, Kevin Tehan, Michael Trewarne, John Wallace, Noel McCrohan and Peter Ashby were all remembered.

We look forward to the next get together of the group.