Pictured here at the Bundoora Campus are Parade’s budding baristaboys – from left to right, Bailey Cumming (Year 10), David Evans (Year 11), Ethan Kambouris (Year 9), Andrew Phan (Year 11) and Anthony Baltatzis (Year 10).

The students, who form part of the College’s Bluestone Café, participated in barista training this morning, under the watchful eye of Melissa Cumming (mother of Bailey) of Magenta Safety Training. Together they prepared coffees from within the confines of the training van, parked beneath Ambrose Treacy Pavilion by the newly-resurfaced Waterford Oval.

Staff members, amongst them the College's Sustainability Advocate Andrew Walker, were treated to a free coffee as the students furthered their coffee-making and customer service skills. The boys will continue to put their skills to full use at the Bluestone Café which operates each morning out of the Bundoora Campus.

At the conclusion of training, each boy will receive his Food Handling & Barista certificate.