Having recently downsized in relocating premises with his wife Marg, Old Paradian Brian Beers (1957) thought the time was right to donate some old College artefacts to the Parade Archive.

Brian, who recently celebrated the 60th anniversary of the famous Collingwood Grand Final victory to thwart Melbourne’s push for four Premierships in a row, kindly donated a photograph, captured at an AFL function of himself with fellow OPs Peter Bedford (1964) and Peter McKenna (1963).

The significance of this photograph in League terms is that Brian is a Premiership player (1958), Peter Bedford a Brownlow Medallist (1970) and Peter McKenna a Coleman Medallist (1972 and ’73).

Brian also donated a third term 1957 edition of the student newsletter Bluestone Pile (editor Kevin Ryan), signed by old classmates including the College captain of that year George Hogg, Tom Acciariello, Peter Booth, Paul Power and Denis Stephenson. The 23-page edition, published on September 22 in that year, features cartoons penned by Eddie Boyle (1957) of Brian, Peter Boyle, Perc Booth, Kevin Andrews and ‘Doc’ Jones – all members of the College’s all-conquering 1st XVIII team that Brian captained that year.

Other items graciously donated by Brian included College badges (amongst them his 1957 prefect’s badge) and the 1980 ACC pennant awarded to his eldest son, the late Tony Beers, who also captained the 1st XVIII to Grand Final victory.