The seismic contributions of the Arthur, Mount and Considine families to the Old Paradians Football Club have been formally acknowledged by the club, on a day in which College Principal Dr Denis Moore and the former Association President Lewis Derrico were both honoured with Life Memberships.

The aforementioned families were recognised at a recent pre-match President’s Luncheon convened in the Frank Mount Social Room of the Lou Arthur Pavilion, at which the football club President Mike Jolley also confirmed that he would be relinquishing his position at season’s end.

Lou Arthur’s sons John and Vin were presented with a framed commemorative Old Paradians guernsey, as were Frank Mount’s sons John, Jim and Frank jun. Maurie Considine and his sons were also grateful guernsey recipients.

Though Lou has been deceased for almost 50 years, his sizeable legacy remains, as Vin explained in a wonderful reflection of his father’s life prior to the presentation

“One thing that stands out for me was Dad’s loyalty, obviously to the school, which was just extraordinary, and his loyalty to the people in his life . . . he truly valued his family and his friends,” Vin said.

“He was always grateful for the education that he received at Parade. He wanted to give back as much as he could . . . ”

John Mount said that he too was proud to be in the room to pay tribute to his father Frank.

“Dad was a fantastic man, a terrific fellow and a great father as Lou was,” John said.

“He and Lou were great friends - two men of great Catholic faith who were an inspirational to us all.

“Dad contributed to the club tremendously to the football club as you can see on the honour board, and we’re very, very proud of him.”

In accepting his memento, Maurie took the opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of the former President Robin Mills in overseeing the construction of the clubroom, and commended the outgoing football club president.

“I just want to thank Mike Jolley for the ten years of service as president of this football club,” Maurie said.

“It’s not an easy job being a president of any club, but Mike has done a great job and me and my family have been very appreciative of what you have done.”

Mike said that while ill health prevented both Dr Moore and Lewis from attending the function to accept their life memberships, it would be remis of him not to acknowledge the substantial contributions both had made to the football club.

Mike thanked Dr Moore, through Parade College, for the ongoing support over many years in availing the Garvey Oval to the football club “which is the best ground in the VAFA”.

“A man in Denis’s position as Principal first and foremost of a Catholic school of around 1900 children is to run it as a business and somehow strike a balance . . . from my perspective, the one thing I learned is that if you went to Denis with your case and presented logical facts he would support you,” Mike said.

“Lewis too has been so very supporter in his time these past ten years since staring out on the journey to resurrect the Old Paradians’ Association. In that time he’s contacted me at least once a fortnight to ask me how the club is going, what the OPA can do to help us.

“I know it’s very difficult for the Old Paradians’ Association to raise money for their own causes let alone supporting the football and cricket clubs, but Lewis has certainly championed that, and if you look at what the OPA is doing at the College and the broader general community of old Paradians that’s very much testimony to Lewis and the direction of the OPA.”