Our Year 10 students are required to participate in a Careers Education class as a part of their overall curriculum. An integral part of the course is that students learn how to construct a resume and cover letter in application for a nominated position. Students are then given the opportunity to undertake a simulated mock interview for the position they applied for.

We are very much indebted to Old Paradians who volunteered to participate as interviewers. This include Stephen Nailer (1987), John Doherty (1984), Nick Karavias (2015), Thomas Ambrosini (2015), College Captain Paul Cutri (2000), Paul Fahey (1983) and Matt Byrne (1985).

Congratulations to Liz Bult and Justine Barnes, our Careers Counsellors, for organising this successful event. Students were able to access some valuable insights and experiences from this.