Outgoing Parade College Board Chair Darryn Borg has been presented with the Honorary Old Paradian Award.

Darryn (pictured left) received the award from Old Paradians’ Association President Paul Shannon at the Board’s recently-convened Christmas Party at the Bundoora Campus.

Earlier, fellow Board member Ray Bongiorno paid tribute to Darryn, whose involvement with Parade can be sourced to 2004 when Darryn’s son Matthew commenced his studies as a College student.

Ray said that at that time, Darryn immediately immersed himself in the workings of the finance committee and inevitably progressed to deputy chairman and then chairman. He was subsequently appointed to the College Board in 2007.

The following year saw Darryn appointed to the Strategic Planning Committee and Deputy Board Chair, where he worked closely with the then Chair Trevor Corcoran and the Principal Br. Denis Moore. This group commissioned the Sholly report which promoted the increase of sporting programs at Parade, and the introduction of a new Cricket Club after the exit of the Old Paradians Cricket Club.

“In the ensuing years Parade went through consistent and significant change in a range of refurbishment, new developments and substantial facility and grounds upgrades . . . College Hall, Nash Learning Centre, new chapel to mention but a few,” Ray said.

“Not only was there a lot happening within the College then, but it also included the Christian Brothers’ operations restructure and the birth of Edmund Rice Education Australia.

“Shortly after the restructure came the opportunity, via the CEO, to expand into the current Preston campus. This new opportunity came with the need to negotiate an acceptable integration plan which included ensuring that every Preston campus Parade boy felt part of the Parade family and ethos as well. Again, the trio of Darryn, Trevor and Br Denis collaborated to tackle all the potential hurdles to achieve maximum financial and college education integration – including assisting families with new uniforms, books and the like.”

Ray added that through his many and varied roles, Darryn was also involved in EREA College and key personnel reviews, participation in National Congresses and College Chairs forums and interviews and appointments of key positions including the first lay principal appointment in the history of the College.

“Whilst having been reasonably well occupied with his Parade and other community duties, he has also developed and grown a successful business and I understand that he operates in a way that he cares for each client as if they were family members,” Ray said.

“We have had the privilege of Darryn’s chairmanship for the past eight years and they will certainly be big shoes to fill. To quote another Board member: “Darryn’s leadership and mentoring of Board members and the College leadership team is immeasurable. His counsel is sought frequently and his input well respected. The College has been well positioned under his watch and he should be proud of what he has achieved as we are equally grateful for what he has given us”.

Established in the Old Paradians’ Association’s Centenary Year of 2014, the Honorary Old Paradian Award acknowledges those men who, whilst not schooled at Parade, have contributed significantly to the cause of the College and/or the Association over many years.

Previous recipients are as follows: Vince Colosimo (December 2018), Martin Macaulay (August 2018), Michael Sullivan (November 2017), John Joss (December 2016), John Nicholls (December 2016), Phillip McLaughlin (August 2016), Keith Sharkie (July 2015), Guy Rodrigues (August 2014) and Maurie Considine (May 2014).