Seen readying for the St Vinnie’s CEO Sleepout on June 18 are members of the Old Paradians Amateur Football Club’s famed Considine clan, together with Old Paradian Steve Nailer (1987) and Michelle Stevens – the CEO and financial controller respectively for the family company Secon Freight Logistics.

Standing from left to right is Paul Considine and Vin Considine, with Brendon Considine seated between Michelle and Steve.

Brendon, the Secon Managing Director, said that in a year like no other it was vital that people in dire need were supported with funds, food, shelter an hope.

“This year, our communities in Australia have had to endure bushfires, droughts and now a global pandemic, which has caused so much hardship around the country,” Brendon acknowledged.

“It’s fair to say that the most vulnerable members of our community, the homeless and disadvantaged, have been and continue to be impacted more than anyone.

“Over 116,000 people in Australia sleep rough, which is a staggering figure. St. Vinnies are at the coalface along with other charities ensuring that these people are well looked after.”

Brendon also acknowledged that as enormous demands had been placed on the business community and the general population these past few months, "and most of us are doing it tougher than we have ever experienced, we appreciate that asking people and businesses that are really hurting to donate to this cause is difficult”.

“However, whatever you can give, no matter how small, will be of enormous benefit to St. Vinnies and more importantly the people they care for.”

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all participants in this year’s sleepout will do so from their homes or cars . . . and big-hearted Brendon is well and truly up for the challenge.

As he said: “Over the past few years we (at Secon) have been really fortunate to have supported this amazing charity through the generosity of so many”.

“This year, it’s even more important to ensure that St. Vinnies will have the financial capacity to support all the services for people experiencing homelessness and poverty; including crisis accommodation, food vouchers, rent assistance and referral services,” Brendon said.

“Once again, we have a great crew on board, led by our Chairman John Coulson and joined by Steve Nailer, Michelle Stevens, and Directors Dean Langenberg, Vin Considine, Matt Considine and myself. Our aim this year is to match our total team donation of an overwhelming $48,000 in 2019.”

To make a donation to Brendon or any of his fellow Secon team members, please follow the links below:

John Coulson

Steve Nailer

Michelle Stevens

Dean Langenberg

Matt Considine

Vin Considine

Brendon Considine