The Old Paradians’ Association, with the support of the College, is organising a reunion of former teaching and non-teaching staff to herald in the 50th anniversary of Parade College’s relocation to Bundoora.

The reunion gathering is to take place in the Greening Auditorium, Bundoora Campus, on the evening of Friday, March 23, from 5.00pm-7.00pm.

An organising committee comprising former teachers John Joss and John Ramsdale, together with Parade’s Director Pathways Education John Nicholls, Deputy Principal Andy Kuppe and Administration Support – Teaching and Learning Liliane Crouch, is currently compiling lists of all staff members connected with the Bundoora Campus since its foundation year of 1968.

Invitations have already been circulated to those whose whereabouts are known to the committee, but John Ramsdale said the committee sought to ensure everybody was mindful of the impending reunion.

“We’ve been in contact with a lot of people, but there’s still a number of staff whose whereabouts are unknown,” John said.

“We would love to see as many of them in the room as possible in what is obviously a milestone year for the College.”

If you are a former member of Parade’s teaching and non-teaching staff yet to have received an invitation to the reunion and would like to do attend, please contact either John Ramsdale via, or Liliane Crouch, at your earliest convenience.

The organising committee hopes that in building its connections, former teaching and non-teaching staff can be kept abreast of future gathering, including the final-year class reunions of 1968 (May 16), 1978 (October 6), 1988 (April 27), 1998 (May 25) and 2008 (June 22), and the 50th anniversary reunion of all former students to be convened by the Old Paradians’ Association at the College on the evening of October 13.

Pictured here at a recent organising-committee meeting in the Treacy Room at the Bundoora campus are (from left to right) John Joss, John Nicholls, Liliane Crouch, Andy Kuppe and John Ramsdale.