Most people in our community would know our school motto: Tenete Traditiones from Latin and translated as Hold Fast or Stand Firm to our Traditions.

Each year we celebrate and formally farewell our Year 12 class at our Valete (Latin: Farewell) Evening. With restrictions currently still in place due to COVID-19, it would appear that we will need to plan for a virtual ceremony. We are committed to celebrating this year whilst they are Year 12s as it is a significant rite of passage that is diminished with delay.

On Thursday 29th October, I invite each of you on that day to wear a touch of Parade: an Old Paradians tie, or scarf, or beanie or anything purple, green or blue.

We make the call far and wide and include Old Paradians living overseas. We will do so as a sign of solidarity with our Year 12s that are doing so well in a challenging year. Let us Stand Fast with them wearing our colours. Then at 7:30 pm on October 29th, wherever you are, make an act of solidarity, e.g. raise a toast, light a candle, make a donation, offer a prayer, pause in silence and Tenete - Stand Fast with the Year 12 Class of 2020. We encourage you to share a picture and email it to:

Let us continue to focus on the next step with the boys in our care. Let us stand fast with them, that way each step will be easier and will lead us to a better place.

Andy Kuppe (1983)
Principal, Parade College