Richard Rohr, in his book Falling Upward, speaks of the final quarter of a man’s life as critical – that while one’s physical ability and drive for work are in decline there is a need to grow a healthy sense of self-acceptance and letting go.

The final quarter is about becoming the wise elder. This is a path to freedom and peace.

Accordingly, the Old Paradians’ Association is inviting men who are entering the significant final quarter of life, to participate in a weekend away.

To be held at Edmund Rice Centre Amberley on June 22–24, the weekend commences with Dinner at 6.00pm on Friday and concludes after lunch on Sunday.

Cost for the weekend is $290.00 and includes accommodation and catering.

To book for The Final Quarter click here

For further information please contact either:

Lewis Derrico0401 525 502

Andy Walsh0419 222 388

John Dinan0438 014 304

Peter Hay0409 008 319