Pictured here proudly sporting the latest incoming shipment of association neckties are members of the Old Paradians’ London chapter on the occasion of John Ramsdale’s recent visit to the Old Dart.

John, a fellow OP, former teacher and current OPA committeeman, was on hand for what was billed as a “political studies discussion” at the salubrious Westminster Arms. To celebrate the occasion, he came armed with a cache of ties for the lads.

John is front and centre in this image. Joining him around the table of warm pints are from left Peter Wilson (1978), Damian Wilson (1982), Mick Reid (1981), Christopher Ecclestone (1978), Brendan O’Leary and Craig Sandford (1985).

In an email to Old Paradians central, John, currently still holidaying in the United Kingdom, wrote: “It was a great night to catch up with Peter and the boys in the London pub. They all had some fascinating stories to tell about their life journeys and how they ended up there.

“We also shared recollections of life at Parade - especially life on the buses on the way to and from the College. It was a real privilege to be able to spend the time with them in an unlikely setting.

“Not in this photo, but also there on the night was Shaun O'Neill (same year as Peter Wilson) who had just flown in from Australia and called in for a short time, and Craig’s brother Glenn Sandford (1989) who still looked fit enough to be playing football.”

Peter, tongue firmly planted in cheek, responded on behalf of the lads with the following post on the Old Paradians in London Facebook page. “It was fantastic to see John and have him recall what diligent, well-disciplined students we all were. Well at least he got our names right”.

Former students of Parade who are either relocating to London with work or merely visiting are urged to make contact with the Old Paradians’ London chapter by way of the aforementioned Facebook page.

You will be made to feel truly welcome by your own.