Pictured escorting singer/songwriter and Fleetwood Mac band member Stevie Nicks to centre stage recently is the Old Paradians’ own Patrick Prendergast - a final year student of 1976 and thesedays security manager to the stars.

”The image was captured in Auckland at Spark Arena,” said Patrick, in a rare stopover in his old hometown.

”Over the years I have known Stevie through promoting her shows, as well as providing a security and road manager role.

“Stevie is a terrific person, a great human being who constantly helps people.”

Through Risk Protection Group, Patrick’s brief is to safeguard clients like Stevie, and he laments the fact that in the aftermath of 9/11 there are constant logistical challenges – as was the case with Black Sabbath’s ‘The End’ tour of Europe, the United States, Canada, South America, Europe and Australia, of which he was an integral part.

”Because of terrorism, life’s become harder security-wise and we have a duty of care not only to the artists but also to the fans,” Patrick said.

“We are continually coming up with new methods and security management plans to stay a step ahead of ‘what if’, whilst the patrons are now heavily scrutinised at concerts and live events - which in turn affects the whole experience not to mention puts the ticket prices up.

“Sadly now it’s a fact of life.”

Patrick’s brief as minder and confidante has brought him in direct contact with some of the giants of the music industry, and he was only too happy to offer a one-line character critique of the following.

Tina Turner?

“Simply the best. All class.”


“Turned music into business.”

Joe Cocker?

”A very humble man.


“One of the sexiest songstresses on the planet.”

M People?

”An eclectic group of people. A lot of fun.”

Jon Bon Jovi?

”Hardiest working man in music. Best in the business.”

Richie Sambora?

“Fabulous guitarist, true gentleman.”

Janet Jackson?

”A good girl from a tough family situation.”


“Not for the faint hearted!”

Skid Row?

“Full throttle with no brake!”


“A great bunch of crazy Germans that would rock the house down”

Thesedays, Patrick’s more selective with the assignments he takes on - a case in point, Ozzy Osbourne’s global tour, commencing April, the logistics of which he’s currently weighing up.

“Ozzy’s a great guy with a wicked sense of humour, while Sharon’s a tough businesswoman who’s still really down to earth . . . but don’t cross her,” said Patrick.