More than ninety women connected with Parade and the wider College community have attended a pre-match Luncheon convened by the Old Paradians’ Association Amateur Football Club as part of the club’s on-going commitment to broadening the brand.

The Luncheon was held in the newly-refurbished Frank Mount Social Room prior to the match between the Old Paradians and Whitefriars at the Garvey Oval. Guests heard from the football club President Mike Jolley, Old Paradians’ Association President Lewis Derrico and Northpark Private Hospital Surgical Nurse Unit Manager Sandra Strange pictured here.

Mike said that the Ladies Luncheon was an integral part of the football club’s frenetic social calendar, as had been the case since its inception more than ten years ago.

In his address to Luncheon guests, Mike advised that as part of its Strategic Management plan currently being prepared, the Old Paradians’ Association will focus on involving more women in the operation of the club “and expanding its football brand to young women in the community by forming a women’s team expected to participate in the 2019 season”.

Sandra, meanwhile, talked of the potential for all parties to open themselves to the ever-growing northern corridor.

In addressing guests, Sandra talked of the importance of the strategic alliance involving Northpark, Parade College and the Old Paradians’ Association “to expand our brand into the community”.

“Have a look at Plenty Road and the corridor of families and homes that we (Northpark and Parade) have created in this area – we’ve been here for 30 years and you guys have been here far longer than we have,” she said.

“To be involved in community enables us to learn more about ourselves and to see different and challenging ideas because sometimes we do get stuck in our ways . . . and we need different people to show us the way.”

Sandra said that the hospital sought to provide localistic care to Parade students “and hopefully invite them into our community”, which was in keeping with the big picture for Northpark, “which had been providing care to our community for over 30 years”.

“On behalf of Northpark Private I look forward to the partnership that we will forge with Parade to strengthen our forces in the community, make our brands stronger in the community and hopefully help out with health issues for men and women moving forward,” Sandra said.