A group of 1981 Old Paradians gathered for their annual Pre–Grand Final Dinner. 

The event is mainly organised by Peter Stackpole (Stacky) who has a large email group of Parade mates, 41 years after they left the College. 

It has become a tradition for these boys to have this and a mid-year catch up. Some of their teachers appreciate being on the invitation list and enjoy the opportunity to catch up. This year John Joss and John Nicholls were able to join the group with John Ramsdale an apology having recently taken up an executive role with St Vincent De Paul that clashed with the dinner. Unfortunately this year, Stacky was also an apology due to being unwell and hospitalised but he bravely connected via FaceTime. The traditional gamble on who wins the Grand Final and margin took place.

This year Russell Brock, Peter McMahon, Dan Meehan, Tim Donohue, Greg Bowman, Bernie Mullane, Ted Flynn and Paul Tasca were able to attend. Paul and John Joss were able to renew their friendly hostilities!