On 14 September, Old Paradians gathered for their monthly luncheon at the RACV City Club to celebrate and pay tribute to the dominant Old Paradians Football Club triple premiership teams of 1962, 1963 and 1964.

Judge David Jones was our Master of Ceremonies and was able to sit with legendary coach Maurie Considine and equally legendary Old Paradians Captain John Booth to reflect upon these magnificent sides and some of the stars and personalities that played for the Old Boys. John recalled the pre-match invitations to Lou Arthur’s residence for what was believed to be drinks but ended up with the praying of the rosary! A similar incredible story was where Coach Maurie Considine gave strict instructions that there were to be no visitors in the rooms before one of these Grand Finals. Maurie wanted the players to focus only on the task ahead. It led to the Archbishop being refused entry!

Past players back for the event included John Booth, Robbie Bourke, Denis Dalton, David Jones, Bernie O’Brien, Peter Peyton, Neil Pivetta, Barry Silvester, John Tudor, Pat Whitehouse, Spencer Williams and Bernie Miles. Coach Maurie Considine was of course in attendance with his wife and boys Vin, Matt and Brendan. Denis Wheelahan was also in attendance who was Secretary of the footy club in these successful times.

These were magnificent times for the Old Paradians' Football Club surrounded by some magnificent personalities. It has been a privilege to be a part of the celebrations and be amongst some of these proud Old Paradians.