The following statement was this week released by EREA Executive Director, Wayne Tinsey, regarding Br (Dr) Denis Moore and the pending plans for advertising the Parade College Principal’s role;

14 March 2019

Dear Staff and Parents

I write today with very important news regarding the leadership of Parade College, Bundoora.

It is with mixed feelings that I announce that following twenty five years of dedicated service and extraordinary commitment to the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice, Br (Dr) Denis Moore will conclude his term as Principal of Parade College at the end of the current school year.

At this time, Br Denis continues his period of rehabilitation following surgery during September and October, 2018. He is pleased that his rehabilitation now continues at home. This decision is unrelated to his recent surgery. Br Denis, the College Board and Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) have been working collaboratively and strategically in recent years to prepare Parade College for a new Principal in 2020. It remains the firm hope for all who know Br Denis that he will make a return to Parade College during 2019. Until that time, I have utmost confidence in Mr Andy Kuppe continuing as Acting Principal.

Br Denis' contribution to Parade College as Principal these past twenty five years, along with his extraordinary fifty one year commitment to Christian Brothers' education throughout Australia is unprecedented. He is beyond measure in terms of being an absolute model of service, humility and innovation. The Parade College we see today, across both the Bundoora and Preston sites, is testimony to Br Denis' vision. Parade College is a remarkable community, held in the highest regard by EREA and the broader Australian Catholic education community.

For those fortunate to have encountered Br Denis in any capacity, his quiet demeanour, experience, wisdom, perceptiveness and wry sense of humour are a ready reminder that the focus of his life, the education of young men within an educational setting imbued by Gospel Spirituality and the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice, was sufficient inspiration for a life of service.

My letter to you today cannot do justice to the many achievements of Br Denis during his period as Principal of Parade College. It is important however to name just some of his achievements; all intended to enhance the quality of education provided to the students of Parade College.

• The strategic and master plan development of both the Bundoora and Preston sites, and with that, his ability to have capital developments in tune with educational needs. The closure of the former juniorate building and the subsequent new buildings and refurbishment of existing buildings to the west of the Bundoora property; the incorporation of the Preston Campus in 2009 and the recent reconstruction of the Nash Learning Centre are but a few examples.

• His vision of what could be, and of what Parade College could become. The breadth of VCE offerings, development of performing arts and the expansion of VCAL and VET pathways are examples of this vision.

• His strong commitment to justice tempered with compassion, clearly evident in the myriad of pastoral, community action, advocacy, immersions, professional development and formation opportunities that Parade College is well known for.

• His extraordinary ability to be strategic; of being a leader who sets the pathway, not one to follow a trend. With this, his financial acumen and commitment to stewardship, Parade College has two very well developed campuses; yet has comparatively low fees and no debt.

• As Principal, he has always been keen to provide the community with a rich legacy of the Christian Brothers (the founders' sculptures are a symbol of this) and centrality of Eucharist, prayer and reflection (the redevelopment of the Holy Spirit Chapel stands as testimony to this).

• He has a vision for a school intimately connected to the wider community: he refounded the Old Paradians' Association (supports their sporting clubs); connected Parade to welfare organisations and partnered with community and educational institutions.

Br Denis, as Principal and Christian Brother, has had an immeasurable impact upon the lives of generations of students, parents and staff. His departure from the role of Principal of Parade College later this year is significant for him, the Parade community and EREA. His rich legacy and that of the Christian Brothers will continue to discover new expressions into the future.

The process of finding a new Principal for Parade College will commence over the coming months. I will write to you again with an update on this process in the coming weeks. Given the College's excellent reputation in the educational community in Melbourne and nationally, I am confident that the position will attract a field of the highest calibre.

Finally, on behalf of all members of the Edmund Rice Education Australia community, I congratulate Br Denis on his significant time as Principal; his contribution to Parade College and Christian Brothers' education has been a fine and valued gift. Edmund Rice Education Australia remains very keen to further explore opportunities with Br Denis to enable him to continue to bring his widely recognized wisdom and experience in support of our work on a Regional level into the future.

I look forward to the many opportunities later in the year to more formally acknowledge and thank him for his enormous contribution to the Parade College community.

With my best wishes

Wayne Tinsey Executive Director

Edmund Rice Education Australia