Students of the past four decades of Parade life, together with the current College captain Matthew Casamento, have banded together as members of cast and production for the much-anticipated Encore21 - Celebrating 21 Years of Parade College Musicals.

The former students, together with those of the sister colleges Catholic Ladies, Mercy, Our Lady’s and Santa Maria, are committed to the one night only event on the night of Saturday, August 25, at the Athenaeum Theatre.

Amongst the Old Paradians committed to encore is Mark Spencer as Production Manager and Tyson Legg as Director. Both Mark and Tyson featured in Parade’s 2000 production of Pippin as can be seen in the accompanying photograph . Mark stands to the right, with Tyson alongside. The other Old Paradian featured is Francis Lawrence, today a professional ballet dancer who most recently performed in the North American tour of An American In Paris.

“We’ve been able to assemble a cast of quality for Encore21,” Executive Producer John Abrahams said.

“What’s wonderful is the time frame, spanning 21 years, during which so much talent was generated . . . it’s incredible to think that we’re bringing back 21 years of talent on one night.”

The Old Paradians’ Association, proudly supported by Northpark Private Hospital, invites you to be part of Encore21 at the Athenaeum Theatre - one month from today – and join the journey through Parade’s extraordinary 21-year musical timeline showcasing some of the finest Parade and sister school performers ever assembled.

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Executive Producer – John Abrahams (1982), Producer – Brad Cocks (1999), Production Manager – Mark Spencer (2001), Director – Tyson Legg (2000), Assistant Director – Stephen Valeri (2007), Musical Director – Ross Chapman (2006), Assistant Musical Director – Daniel Heskett (1998)


Daniel Allaoui (2014), Luke Bortignon (2017), Michael Butera (2002), Matthew Casamento (2018), Julian Campobasso (2003), Dom Hennequin (2009), Nicholas Kyriacou (2011), Joseph Lotesto (2012), Joseph Spanti (2012), Stephen Valeri (2007), Sarah Jane Calsiña, Gabrielle Hatty, Kathleen Madafferi Di Rago, Annie Driver, Sasha Hennequin, Demi Mangione, Kara Pegorin, Elizabeth Psaila, Tania Ragusa, Lauren Seymour, Christine Sosnowski, Luisa Claudia Tascone


Julian Bianco (2017), Rob Clark (2008), Marcus Caminiti (2017), Giulian De Vincentis (2008), Chris Hides (2017)

Aiden Hrup (2017), Michael Labrador (2017), Joseph Lanciana (2017), Giordano Poli (2017), Ali Samaei, Michelle Buljan, Armanda D'Arenzio, Brittany D'Silva, Isabella Maccora, Julia Mia, Geri O'Leary, Anna Quirante, Vicki Rock, Mary Rosella, Rochelle Ryder, Maddie Stewart, Krystal Suliman