A large gathering of old collegians gathered at the Terminus Hotel in North Fitzroy to celebrate 45 years since leaving the College. Terrific work by Matthew Fleming and Damian Cosgriff to get around 45 former classmates together.

This gathering is a great example of how a small group can do all the leg work to build a contact list, organise a venue and get details out. Their efforts were appreciated by all involved. They have been doing this every 5 years for a number of years now. Plans are underway to meet more regularly on an annual basis instead of waiting 5 years for the next one.

Peter Smal and Peter Wood travelled from Sydney to attend the event. Teachers Ian Bibby, John Joss, John Ramsdale, and Mick Kennedy were also in attendance. John Ramsdale, an OPA Committee member was able to give an update on what is happening at the Old Paradians' Association.

A very enjoyable event took place with some of the boys continuing their get-together well into the evening.