One of the Old Paradians' Association’s strategic goals was to make a deliberate attempt to connect with our College Year 12 students.

I was able to present to the Year 12 Assemblies at both the Bundoora and Preston campuses where I spoke of the Association and what it is to be a Parade Old Collegian. I encouraged all students to go to our website and ConnectNow. This gives them access to our quarterly Newsletters which highlights information about coming events, stories and old boy news. 

The OPA website now has a Parade College Community Business Directory where we are encouraging subscribers to not only promote their businesses but also advertise any employment opportunities they may have.

This year we wanted to host a lunch for our Year 12's to further promote the Association. 

After consultation with the College, this became an event where parents were invited to the luncheon, and we were also able to celebrate a liturgy to conclude the day. We proudly welcomed back Old Paradian Priest Fr Jaycee Napoles (2004) to celebrate the Eucharist. Special thanks to Ms Anne McLaughlin and the Ministry Team for their great work in preparing the Liturgy.

I addressed parents and students prior to the Liturgy. I reminded students that thousands of young men like them have gone through college gates and made positive contributions to the world that they entered. I reflected upon a recent Old Paradian event where two outstanding men joined 22 other men who were inducted into our Hall of Fame. Hon. Andrew Robb AO (1968) and David Jones AM (1958) spoke with great pride about being Old Paradians, having left the College over 50 and 60 years earlier. The message they gave had resonance to what our Year 12's are experiencing now. A sense of gratitude to their parents and the College and how the College had supported them in developing strong values including service to the community, honesty, integrity and respectful relationships. These men lived these values in providing outstanding service to the community.

I also invited staff members and Old Paradians Julian Pileggi (2010) and Peter Bonadio (2014) to share their understanding of what it is to be an Old Paradian. Not surprisingly, they too spoke of similar gratitude, friendships forged and how the College and its teachers gifted them opportunities and instilled some core values.

Students were given an Old Paradians pen as a gift. We were able to wish them the very best for their exams and for VCE VM students whether it be employment, apprenticeships or further education.