The Old Paradians’ Association Amateur Football Club has committed to fielding a Women’s Football Team in 2019. The inaugural Women’s Team will compete in the Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA), now the largest Women’s League in Australia.

The Old Paradians are now seeking expressions of interest from women interested in joining the football club, whether as a player, coach or in a supporting role. Anyone wishing to be involved is urged to complete a short questionnaire now available through the club website at

Old Paradians’ Association AFC President Mike Jolley has made it clear to members and supporters that there is now a substantial level of keenness amongst key people to establish the team as soon as possible.

“There is certainly a strong push to make this happen both within our club, our affiliated Junior Club Parade St Damians and from the top levels of Women’s Football in the VAFA,” Mike said.

“With more than 1800 boys at the Bundoora and Preston campuses there is a significant network of families and women in the local community who will also have an interest in establishing our inaugural Women’s Team.

“Our football club offers potential players some of the very best playing and social facilities in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. We have a very long and proud history as one of the oldest clubs in the Victorian Amateur Football Association. We were established in 1929 and will be celebrating our 90th anniversary in 2019. It is now time for Women’s Football to be part of that history and we are all looking forward to making that happen.”

Mike confirmed that a Women’s Football sub-committee had been established, with strong representation of females from AFL and junior football ranks as well as business and media. He advised that the club will also be holding a Women’s Football Information Day on Sunday, 16 September in the Frank Mount Social Room - Garvey Oval, Parade College, Plenty Road, Bundoora.

“This will be a fabulous day for those who may have an interest in meeting our people, finding out more about our plans and looking at what we can offer as a club,” Mike said.

Further details regarding the Women’s Football Information Day can be found on the football club’s website as listed above.