2018 is a significant year for Parade. It is 50 years since the College opened at Bundoora; and 150 years since the founding Brothers Treacy, Lynch, Bodkin and Nolan arrived to begin Edmund Rice Education in Australia.

To complete this ‘trinity’ of jubilees, it is also 50 years as a Christian Brother for the current Principal and old boy, Dr Denis Moore (1967). Denis is the longest serving principal of Parade College after being Deputy Principal at four other Christian Bothers’ schools: St Patrick’s Ballarat; St Kevin’s, Toorak; St Virgil’s, Hobart; and CBC St Kilda.

Denis was joined by members of his immediate family; past and current members of the Parade Leadership Team; members of the College Board, EREA and the Old Paradians’ Association; and fellow Christian Brothers at a lunch to celebrate the occasion. Stories were shared around eight key words that were most commonly ascribed to Br Denis: humour, wisdom, humility, unflappability, financial wiz, educator, loyalty and compassion.

Blessed Edmund Rice once wrote a letter to one of the first Brothers that equally could have been written to Br Denis:

“Above all, beg of God to give you the virtue of humility which is so necessary for religious in every station, but particularly for those who have the care and direction of others. If you only acquire this virtue, it will always guide you safely, let your paths be ever so cross or difficult.”
  • Andy Kuppe (1983), Deputy Principal