The Old Paradians’ Association (OPA) Committee, in its Centenary Year of 2014, established a Woman of Distinction Award to honour the outstanding contributions of women to Parade College and Association life.

This award, one of a number instituted by the OPA, serves to honour those women who for a significant period of time have given much to the many who make up the vast Parade community.

Women eligible for this award include;

  • those involved with Parade College, whether board member, administrator, teacher, support staffer, Ladies’ Auxiliary member, volunteer and mother; and
  • those involved with the OPA through its member entities and associated activities.

The OPA Committee is empowered to nominate a worthy recipient on an annual basis, but also encourages members of the Parade and Old Paradians network to volunteer the names of potential candidates whether living or deceased.

Previous winners are as follows;

+ Gizella Vermont (2014)

Shirley O’Rourke (2015)

Elizabeth Stella (2016)

Barbara Bibby/Patricia Joss (2017) (pictured)

The committee welcomes any nominations by the deadline of NEXT FRIDAY, APRIL 12. Nominations can be lodged with the CEO either via telephone 9468 3301 or via email,