Old Paradian Brad Cocks (1999), an event producer of over 20 years' experience, has developed an online training program to elevate the skills of event industry professionals on a global scale.

The most in-depth online event planning course ever created, Events Masterclass provides leading techniques and best practice disciplines, methodologies, tools and skills to be able to create, produce, manage, plan and deliver world leading events.

The training offers the knowledge and resources to apply to professionals daily work, allowing them to elevate their careers and become the best event professional in their chosen disciplines and area of the event industry — at a world-class level.

“I have been fortunate enough to see a great deal, learn from many that have come before me, and create a valuable skill set over a long and evolving career,” Brad said.

“I now want to give back to the industry that has given me so much — by helping guide others into what is an exciting and unique industry, navigate the pitfalls, and educate them from my experiences, so we can set new benchmarks, processes, skillsets and structure that will see the industry be greater resourced and revered for what we do.

“With a recent influx of new ‘event professionals’, many are thrown in the deep end, trying to work out how to create and deliver events in their own ways - and I have always noticed and identified a lack of practical resources, education and direction available to the live event industry.

“Over my career, I have enjoyed developing the skill sets of those I have worked with, relishing in seeing them prosper through their own careers. I am excited to be able to continue to teach others and provide clear learnings and guidance to develop the industry.”

Brad said that through the available time inadvertently created due to COVID-19 lockdown, and working on the theory that you “never waste a pandemic”, he developed the course over a six-month period.

“The challenge of taking twenty years of experience out of my head, putting it on paper and structuring it into valuable content was a big process, but highly rewarding,” Brad said.

“I always knew I wanted it to be video based as we are such visual consumers as a society at the moment. From a Parade College perspective, I was also able to engage the services of Steve Howard (1998) who directed and produced the video content of the course and was a great asset in helping bring the project to life.”

Brad said that the program had engendered healthy response “and we are already seeing great interest locally and from as far as America, China and Europe”.

“I am excited to where we can take it and help develop the event industry skills and education,” he said.

Events Masterclass is designed for all who work, or would like to work, in the events industry - planners, coordinators, managers, designers, producers and business owners amongst them – whether beginner, expert, freelance consultant, business operator, agency or internal team member.

The course builds a strong understanding of the industry, including: how the industry works; its influences; understanding stakeholders, objectives, and brands; deciphering the good, bad and innovative methodologies, practices, systems and processes; and what really works, and what does not. This course fills the gaps in ad-hoc and create-as-you-go style event planning to provide a clear path forward to what is realistically required to create, manage and deliver events for all audiences.

The course’s 13 modules are delivered through more than seven hours of video content, with practical examples and knowledge sharing to be directly applied to event planners’ professional skills. It is delivered through an online Learning Management System, where participants can progress through the course at their own pace and in their own time.

Brad is amongst the industry’s most trusted and respected figures. Having initially pursued a theatrical vocation, he eventually found his niche in business events, where he combined his earlier career in business management with his passion for everything live experience, working with some of the world’s leading brands and organizations - including IHG, McDonalds, Xero and Tourism Australia - as well large-scale public events such as the Australian Open. He has also just been appointed the Head of Events and Executive Producer for the 2022 Melbourne International Fashion Festival.

Throughout his career as both presenter and attendee, Brad has participated in event industry and associated conference around the world - including, recently, The Special Event Show (TSE) in the United States, International Live Event Association (ILEA) and Asia Incentive and Meeting Expo (AIME) – and has created, produced, managed and delivered throughout. Closer to home, Brad oversaw the staging of the Old Paradians’ Association’s Centenary Dinner at the RACV Club in 2014, and its production Encore at The Athenaeum in 2018. He has also been involved in the planning for the Association’s Dinner at the Park Hyatt next April.

Currently based in Melbourne’s north with his family, Brad traverses the globe (when COVID allows), collaborating with organisations and teams by delivering keynote addresses, workshops and consultation on events, marketing, branding and business operations — centred on the ethos of the power of human connection, live experience, creativity and objective driven planning.

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