Paul Gregor, a final year student of Parade’s class of 1969 and the newly-appointed Old Paradians Football Club Under 19s coach , has called on the College’s Year 12 students of 2020 to consider furthering their school friendships by joining their mates at the club.

Paul addressed the students in the Rivergum Theatre at the Bundoora Campus. He was welcomed to the podium by Parade College’s Years 10-12 Dean of Learning Paul Fahey, a member of the OPs’ 1986 B-Section Premiership team.

“I am an Old Paradian,” Paul told the boys. “In fact, I’m probably a rarity in that I was amongst one of the first groups to come to this College, down the driveway where the cows and horses were grazing. The College has come a long way since those days, you’re very lucky to have this establishment and it’s my privilege to be back here today.”

Having returned to the Old Paradians Football Club in a coaching capacity this year, Paul told the boys that he had previously committed his energies to coaching for a number of years along the way, most recently with Amateur outfit Old Scotch.

“As coach of the Old Paradians’ Under 19s hopefully I get the chance to see a few of you boys down at training. I promise you that it will be fun, it will be a good opportunity to be with your mates and a good chance to let out a bit of steam from being in the classroom,” Paul said.

“The main thing is that you will be with your mates who you go to school with – and while I’m not begrudging boys who want to go off and play in the local competition . . . whether Bundoora, Watsonia or wherever . . . that’s fine too – the OPs offers that chance to build on those friendships forged at Parade.”

Paul also flagged paid employment opportunities at the club through the support of Parade College – in both football administration and in canteen management.

“The Old Paradians Amateur Football Club is offering boys from the College the opportunity to join our committee to gain invaluable first-hand experience in administration, including the management of financial operations,” Paul said.

“This opportunity will allow you to work alongside committee executive members including the President, Treasurer and Secretary in undertaking these tasks.

“At the end of the of the playing season, you’ll be provided with a written job reference outlining the activities undertaken in these roles.

“The opportunities in canteen management extend to managing the canteen for all home games at our junior and senior venues.”

Parade College students interested in pursuing paid job opportunities within the football club or representing the club as players can contact the Old Paradians’ Amateur Football Club on