Seen sharing a friendly frothy in the Black Friar public House on Queen Victoria Street at Blackfriars this week were esteemed members of the Old Paradians' London chapter - clockwise from bottom left: Christopher Ecclestone (1978), Peter Wilson (1978), Craig Sandford (1985), Brendan O'Leary (1980), Peter Bentley (1978) and Michael Reid (1981).

The photograph was posted by Christopher on his facebook page with the accompanying message: "Paradians in London meeting up this sunny evening at the old Black Friar . . . and a cheesy group photo (my selfie skills being non-existent)".

In raising what was perhaps a pre-emptive celebratory glass to Australia's World Cup victory, the lads found the Black Friar, built in about 1875 on the site of a former medieval Dominican friary, truly to their liking.

The building was nearly demolished during a phase of redevelopment in the 1960s, until it was saved by a campaign spearheaded by the poet Sir John Betjeman, to whom the Old Dart's six resident OPs also raised a well-earned pint.