Pictured here are three brothers, all Old Paradians, who served their nation through World War II - Tony (1932), Brian (1939) and Joe O’Sullivan (1938).

The photograph was forwarded to the Old Paradians’ Association by another OP Jack Moore (1947), in tribute to Brian, who died just three weeks short of his 97th birthday on June 27.

Having married Brian’s sister Elizabeth (the youngest of ten O’Sullivan siblings), Jack had much in common, as he recently recalled in paying tribute.

“I remember visiting Brian one day not long after reconnecting with the old school,” Jack said.

“I remember telling him about it, which prompted him to produce a copy of the 1938 edition of The Paradian. On page 4, in a photograph featuring students of the Leaving Honours class could be found Brian’s brother Joe, whilst on page 6 was a photo of the Intermediate A class featuring the man himself, Brian O’Sullivan.

“Whilst there is no photograph in existence of Tony, The Old Bluestone Pile was proudly represented by all of the O’Sullivan boys.”

Four brothers and six sisters made up the O’Sullivan clan. One of the sisters became a nun, whilst the oldest brother, John Norbert O’Sullivan (1933) (pictured separately), born on November 27, 1917, pursued his vocation with the Christian Brothers for 65 years until his death in 2002, and is buried in the Brothers’ Cemetery on the Bundoora Campus.

For the record, Australian War Memorial archives indicate that Anthony Vincent (Tony) O’Sullivan (Service No. VX85091), born in Footscray on July 26, 1919, enlisted in Surrey Hills on July 25, 1942. Serving with the 23 Australian Cipher Section, Corporal O’Sullivan was discharged on March 5, 1946.

Brian Peter O’Sullivan (Service No. VX115718), born in Footscray on July 23, 1922, enlisted in Surrey Hills on October 20, 1942. Serving with the 6 Australian Infantry Battalion, Corporal O’Sullivan was discharged on July 11, 1946.

Joseph Bernard O’Sullivan (Service No. VX78835), born in Footscray on March 19,1921 enlisted in Surrey Hills on April 4, 1942. Serving with the 112 Light Anti Aircraft Regiment RAA, Gunner O’Sullivan was discharged on August 13, 1946.