The quality of clientele at The Jack Horner hotel on Tottenham Court Road improved markedly at the weekend when esteemed members of the Old Paradians in London chapter hosted visiting Parade College Acting Principal Andy Kuppe (1983) over ales and pies at the salubrious establishment.

Pictured from left to right is Michael Reid (1981), Peter Wilson (1978), Andy, Christopher Eccleston (1978) and Craig Sandford (1985). They are each armed with OPA pint holders (the first order of ales and pies were on their way to the table) courtesy of Andy, who came bearing gifts as the Association’s envoy.

Andy also availed Old Paradians scarfs in purple, green and blue tartan to his hosts, who are sure to put the woollen apparel items to optimum use with the harsh European winter fast approaching.

For many years, the Old Paradians in London have regularly convened at various watering holes in London – amongst them the Prospect of Whitby, Old Bank of England, The Admiralty, The Jamaica Wine House and The Black Friar.

So if you’re heading to London, whether for the long-term or otherwise, let the lads know via the Old Paradians in London facebook page and join them in raising a glass or three to the days of yore at Parade.