Old Paradians and their partners have gathered in the Gallery upstairs at Heidelberg’s Old England Hotel to savour a selection of wines courtesy Phil Hude, a final year student of 1982 and thesedays Armadale Cellars’ wine merchant to the stars.

In his capacity as Managing Director of Armadale, Phil regaled guests with his informative and often amusing insights into matters grape - as he has done with aplomb on the three previous occasions since Class With Glass was first pencilled into the Old Paradians’ frenetic social calendar.

As he did so, Phil's captive audience members keenly sampled whites and reds cherry-picked from his substantial cellar. They also toasted fellow guests Danny Pillusch and Louise Mazzone, who are to be married on Saturday (October 19), before retiring to the OE Lounge to raise another.

In terms of his own vocation, Phil has truly lived the dream. As he said: “I'm passionate about sharing fine wine with as many like-minded people as possible via tastings, education and sales”.

The Old Paradians’ Association wishes to thank committeeman Paul Evans (1986) for capably organising the event and acknowledges the following guests (whether regulars or newcomers) who ably supported Class with Glass 2019 – Robert Anderson and his wife Maureen Gleeson, Richard Cimbaro (1982) and his wife Lidia, Brayden Geary (2004), David Jones (1982) and his wife Vanessa (pictured here), Greg Kissane (1982) and his wife Sandie, Anton Koren (1982), Peter McCrohan (2005), Angelo Mazzone (1982) and his wife Nadia, daughter Louise and future son-in-law Danny Pillusch, Peter Mount (1986), David Raffa (2004), Damian Renehan (1972), Denis Swift (1970), Bill Wilson (1982) and Jacquie Wilson.

The Association would also like to thank Phil Hude for his herculean efforts in overcoming a difficult week to hold court upstairs at the Old England.