The Old Paradians' Association has joined the Parade College community in mourning the passing of Dr Denis Moore cfc, who died peacefully this morning (Friday, February 19) at Epworth Hospital.

With Dr Moore’s passing at the age of 71, Parade has lost a leviathan - its longest-serving Principal in 150 years, the last of the Brothers to command that position, and a humble visionary whose actions spoke volumes through a quarter of a century at the helm.

Old Paradians' Association President Dr Paul Shannon, a close confidante of Dr Moore with whom he is pictured in December 2019, paid the following tribute.

"Thanks to Br Denis, every Paradian, past present and future is empowered with the opportunity, the support and a sense of belonging and mateship that our network and traditions create. He encouraged the connection, mateship and inclusion between Old Paradians, students, teachers, families and the community," Dr Shannon said.

"Br Denis was a strong proponent of social justice. He believed that everyone deserved to be treated equally, upholding respect and dignity."

Parade College, in its tribute to Dr Moore, noted the following:

Denis James Moore was born on October 15, 1949 in Sunshine, a western suburb of Melbourne, Victoria. He was born to Colin James Moore (born 5 May, 1923; died April 12, 2016) and Shirley Patricia Moore – nee Malady (born 26 December, 1926; died 12 April, 1989). Br Denis was the eldest of six children, his five siblings Kerry John Moore; Gary Moore; Cheryl Anne Rovere, Lynnette Mary Meehan and Margaret Joynson.

A final year student of the 'Old Bluestone Pile' in 1967, Dr Moore celebrated his Golden Jubilee as a Christian Brother in 2018 and twenty-five years as a Principal of Parade College in 2019.

As well as Parade, he held leadership positions at a number of EREA schools including: St Patrick’s College, Prospect Vale, Tasmania; CBC St Kilda; St Virgil’s, Hobart; St Kevin’s, Toorak; and St Patrick’s Ballarat.

A member of the Old Paradians' Association committee until the end, Dr Moore was instrumental in reviving the association a little over ten years ago. In that time he took great pride in seeing the OPA steadily re-emerge.

"The motivation for revitalizing the Old Paradians’ was to promote good wellbeing of the whole person, physically, mentally and emotionally," Dr Shannon said.

"Br Denis believed that growth and learning was a never ending journey, one that did not end at school. He encouraged the concept of contribution and created the opportunity for people to make meaningful support to others.

"It is special to be Paradian, we don’t know how to describe it, it is what makes us unique, and we value this well beyond our years at Parade. We respect our history and we are courageous enough to create our own. None of this would have been possible without the servant leadership and gentle guidance of Br Denis."

Dr Moore was honored by the Old Paradians' Association with the Tenete Award for outstanding service in the interests of the College. The award was presented to Dr Moore by the current College Principal Andy Kuppe, at the association's Centenary Dinner at the RACV City Club in October 2014.

In his acceptance speech, Dr Moore said in part:

I am both delighted and humbled by your offering me this Tenete Award . . . delighted particularly in that it seems to also support the development and direction of the College.

I completed my time as a student at Parade in the last years at the East Melbourne site, after which the school moved to Bundoora.

The move out of the inner city was a visionary one and it certainly gave school the opportunity to grow in response to changing educational needs on the expansive site at Bundoora.

My time as a student at Parade did inspire me to make efforts with my studies and to subsequently spend my life in the mission of Catholic education with the Christian Brothers. I certainly had no idea at the time that I might return as Principal some 30 years later.

I have had the privilege of being able to preside over significant changes to the College, in its physical appearance, the breadth of its curriculum and the strength of its community outreach. I willingly acknowledge the help of many people especially the College leadership team over this time.

One of the challenges over the last decade has been the need to re-establish the Old Paradians' Association with a new sense of its mission and the involvement of graduates from the Bundoora era.

It took some time to gather a new executive committee, but eventually a group volunteered to take the Association forward. I acknowledge the calibre and commitment of the men who formed the new Old Paradians executive committee, who have ensured that the Association is a viable and dynamic organisation as it celebrates its centenary this year.

I am delighted to have been able to contribute to the Parade story in some small way and thank you for this Tenete award which I will cherish both personally and professionally.

In August 2018, Dr Moore was formally acknowledged for his commitment to the College's dramatic arts, at a musical program staged by the Old Paradians' Association at The Athenaeum Theatre,

In December 2019, he was inducted into the Old Paradians' Association's Hall of Fame, as part of a glorious farewell assembly acknowledging his 25 years at the helm, On that historic day, the Bundoora Campus’ College Hall was renamed in his honour and Dr Shannon presented Dr Moore with a glass memento acknowledging his induction.

A panel featuring Dr Moore's portrait photograph and brief biography now hangs from the Hall of Fame wall at Parade College Bundoora, and another at Parade's Preston campus.

That bio ends with the words: "It has been said of Br Denis that Catholic education in the Edmund Rice tradition has not had a more faithful son".