A healthy cross/section of the College community has frequented the Frank Mount Social Room for a Luncheon preceding the much-anticipated Madden/Bedford Shield match between turned Parade and St Bernard's on the Garvey Oval.

In the house was the great Peter Bedford himself - the 1970 Brownlow Medallist seen here presenting the Shield to the victorious St Bernard's captain Ned Gentile post-match - together with were fellow Old Paradians Gary Honey (Silver Medallist in the long jump at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympiad) and Adam Dale (the former Test and one-day cricketer).

Also present was Old Paradians’ Association President Lewis Derrico; College Acting Principal Andy Kuppe; staff members Jim Seymour and Kieren Prowse, and Leadership's Mark Aiello, Mick Callinan, Regina Rowan, Geoff Caulfield, Jenine Fogarty, Kylie Kuppe, Doreen Cutajar, Sally Ryan and Paul Harris.

John Booth, the Old Paradians’ Football Club A Section Premiership captain of 1962 and ’63, and A-Section Premiership coach of 1966, ’67 and ’68, was amongst those lunching, together with members of Parade’s 1st XVIII ACC Premiership teams of 1962, ’64 and ’67 teams through to Parade’s last Premiership team of 2009, and former coaches.

Former College Captains Mike O'Meara (1965) and Anthony Audley (1967) also joined the diners, as did fellow Old Paradian Ken Silman - a Vietnam in 1969 who made the trek from his home in Echuca to watch his nephew play in the famed green strip.

Secon Freight & Logistics Managers Steve Nailer and Brendon Considine were also on hand to present a $200 Rebel Sports voucher on behalf of their company to Parade’s best player afield Rory Howard.

An apology was received from Simon Madden, who was committed to a Board Meeting at Essendon Football Club.

In a wonderful interview with Master of Ceremonies Paul Fahey, Bedford told the captive audience of his genuine love for the game of cricket and football (in that order), of his genuine pride in being aligned with the annual football match that honours his and Madden's contributions to the great Australian game, and of the importance of carrying oneself properly as a sportsperson.

"One of the key things I remember as a youngster playing cricket early on a Saturday morning involved our coach - a fellow called Harry Halfpenny - who played cricket with Northcote and who had the most gnarled fingers you could imagine being a wicketkeeper," Bedford said.

"Things stick in your mind when you're young, and one of the things I remember Harry saying to our team was 'Respect be your constant companion'."
"Throughout my career I always tried to respect the opposition and respect my teammates, and I think that if you can carry that through and apply your God-given talents then things will work out pretty well for you."

For the record, St Bernard's defeated Parade by 29 points, 13.9 (87) to 9.4 (58) to retain the Madden/Bedford Shield.