Old Paradian Joe Montemurro (1987), the former Melbourne City A-League assistant coach, has led Arsenal’s women to their first English Super League title since 2012 in his first full season in charge.

Joe, who managed City’s W-League side to an unbeaten campaign in 2016, saw his Gunners defeat Brighton 4-0 at Brighton’s Amex Stadium on Sunday to earn the title ahead of Manchester City.

The 49-year-old was lured to north London in November 2017 and took the team to last season’s Women’s FA Cup final, which it lost to Chelsea.

However, after putting the players through his first full pre-season, the team has responded superbly, winning 17 of the 19 their matches and scoring 69 goals in the process.

“I’m very happy and very proud of everyone who’s been involved. It’s been a joint-achievement from everyone. I’m just so proud of everyone,” Joe told

“To coach an Arsenal team to a championship as an Arsenal fan is mind-boggling.

“It’s something I’d never have thought about in growing up and becoming a coach. I’m very proud and very honoured to be here as an Arsenal coach.”

As news spread of Joe's team triumph, an old mate from the Parade days Angelo Sticca was prompted to post the following message on Facebook;

"A great effort by a quality guy ... it's a long way from the days of playing alongside him as he scored goals for fun in ACC matches on the sloping patch of grass that Parade once called a soccer pitch! We might have thought 'Pep' would make headlines as a player, but he has done an amazing job as a coach on a global scale at Arsenal'."